Learn from Harvard Business School Professor Boris Groysberg as he leads an insightful forum designed to help you develop your leadership skills and build an effective company for today’s real estate industry.

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What You’ll Learn
SESSION 1: Case Study
“Managing Individual Performance”
SESSION 2: Interactive Lecture
“Building a Great Company in the 21st Century”
  • Employee production vs. culture fit
  • Cultural effects on feedback
  • Performance review best practices
  • What drives performance
  • Debunking the myths
  • Strategy, leadership and organizational success

Meet the Expert
Boris Groysberg
Professor of Business Administration
Harvard Business School
Boris Groysberg is tenured faculty in the Organizational Behavior unit at the Harvard Business School. He has taught extensively in the MBA and Executive Education programs, such as the “Owner/President Management” program. Professor Groysberg’s research investigates how a firm can be systematic in achieving a sustainable competitive advantage by leveraging its talent and how individuals can achieve stardom.
Session 1:  “Managing Individual Performance”

Performance feedback is crucial to a career in the information-rich global economy. However, feedback is psychologically stressful to both give, and hear. This teaching note explains why feedback is both valuable and difficult, and goes on to summarize research on effective feedback scenarios. What are the different kinds of feedback? What are the ideal qualities of the feedback giver, and recipient? How do corporate and national culture affect feedback practices? The note ends with a step-by-step “script” for formal feedback situations or performance reviews, with recommendations for both the giver and recipient of the feedback.
Session 2:  “Building a Great Company in the 21st Century”

What drives firm performance? Some factors are impactful and others are irrelevant. There are a lot of myths about what drives the performance of companies, and in this session we will separate myth from reality. How much does the company leadership matter? What about the industry and the economy? What about the company itself? Is strategy more important than high performing culture? Do the best companies really need to be great innovators? This session draws on the latest research on the drivers of organizational performance and shows how leaders who take a more strategic approach can create more successful organizations. Participants will leave this session with a deeper understanding of what is required for organizational success, as well as practical, implementable strategies that they can leverage to build a great company.


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