Garrett Pisarik

Acquisition Manager

As a acquisitions manager, Garrett helps with underwriting potential acquisitions, gathering due diligence, market studies, and gathering market research. He is also the keeper of CONTI’s deal pipeline, which contains properties we are tracking for potential acquisition or as support data. Garrett’s underwriting, market research, and financial analyses help to ensure that the CONTI team is well informed and knowledgeable about the market, in order to make sound investment decisions, and provide maximum risk-adjusted returns to investors.

Garrett holds both a bachelor’s of business administration degree in finance and graduate degree in commercial real estate from Texas A&M University, Mays Business School. He has spent his entire career focused on acquisitions, asset management, and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac lending for multifamily properties.

Garrett supports the Tourette Association of America and the Human Rights Campaign. He is passionate about family and enjoys spending time with his wife and three dogs. His favorite pastimes include barbecuing and football. He enjoys cheering for his Aggies and Ole Miss (his wife’s alma mater)—as long as they’re not playing the Aggies.