Kathy Cunningham

President, Northstar Group, CAM, CPS  

Kathy is the true definition of a human powerhouse, with the credentials to prove it. Overseeing and development of CONTI’s property management company, Kathy adds value to each investment through performance to the net operating income (NOI). She is instrumental in assuring that the properties in the CONTI portfolio perform above and beyond the expectations of our investors. Northstar Group is the exclusive in-house management company for CONTI’s assets.

With a career that spans more than 40 years, Kathy’s leadership skills are evident in her continual rise through the world of property management. She began her career at Trammel Crow as a district manager, quickly rising to regional vice president. Since then, she has helped to successfully merge two companies and has supervised a portfolio of 85,000 multifamily units covering 35 states. Kathy’s expertise includes takeovers and transitioning clients such as Phoenix Home Life, MIG Pension Fund, GE Capital, Aetna and other institutional and private investors into a company portfolio.

Kathy is passionate about projects that build strong communities and supports organizations such as Community Lifeline and the Red Cross. She also enjoys fishing and hiking with her husband, and spending time cultivating her garden.