Lance Hendershot, Marketing

Lance Hendershot

Marketing Manager

Lance oversees the marketing strategy, plan and execution for CONTI. He believes marketing is about providing immediate and enduring value, forming relationships and creating opportunities. For him, this begins with great content, a positive user experience and insightful data. He’s truly passionate about aligning the CONTI mission with its vision so that what we need today aligns with what we want tomorrow without sacrificing who we are along the way. In that light, he excels at seeing the big picture, leveraging his experience to break down a roadmap and then executing the tactics to get there.

Lance graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology where he went on to co-lead group psychotherapy sessions and family groups while providing 1:1 counseling for six years. Since then, he has leveraged his experience in human behavior into 18 years of marketing leadership. Prior to joining CONTI, Lance helped grow a young company into an established leader who now processes over $21B annually. He has defined brands, launched products, led diverse marketing teams and oversaw global online strategy for a multi-billion dollar Fortune 500.

Lance is a lifelong learner who loves soccer, sushi and Chicago deep dish pizza. Above all, he is passionate about his family. He believes the best use of this life is to spend it on something that will outlast it. For him, this means his son. Lance, his wife and son deeply value their time together.