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Over $1B in real estate transactions

CONTI is a leading real estate investment company, investing capital on behalf of individuals, wealth managers, and institutions. We provide capital solutions to acquire, manage, and sponsor real estate investments across the U.S. Our efforts are backed by years of industry experience, strong company culture, and a relentless drive to perform.

Income Fund

CONTI Finance

Offering debt and equity solutions to sponsor real estate investments across the U.S. With experience directly owning more than 11,500 multifamily units, CONTI is uniquely positioned to complete disciplined sponsor/asset underwriting and compliance.

multifamily investing

CONTI Real Estate

CONTI Real Estate acquires and manages real estate investments within the U.S. Sun Belt. Our multiple investment options allow investors to gain access to multifamily deals normally reserved for larger institutions.

Target Markets: U.S. Sun Belt

The Sun Belt is home to roughly one-third of the population but accounted for more than half of the U.S. population growth from 2010-2020. People are migrating, immigrating, and starting families in the south.

People are following jobs. 128 Fortune 500 companies call the Sun Belt home as companies are seeking more business-friendly environments and people are looking for more affordable living.

U.S. Sun Belt GDP
CONTI, NMHC Board Member
EY Entrepreneur of the Year