CONTI Organization

CONTI Organization is a real estate investment company focused on the strategic acquisition, enhancement, and operation of value-added, multifamily properties in Texas. Founded in 2008, CONTI has acquired 44 assets (11,000+ apartment units) and executed over $1.25B in transactions. As a vertically integrated company, we currently own and operate a portfolio of 29 multifamily communities (8,300+ apartment units).

Founded on Core Values


Learn more about our core values and the CONTI culture.

Expertise. Reliability. Results.

We choose to be excellent in only one field: multifamily investments in Texas. Our performance is a function of focus, local knowledge, strong networks, deep research and well-documented processes and systems. From acquisition to management to disposition, CONTI’s vertically integrated capabilities handle it all with a strong “boots on the ground” approach towards operational excellence to maximize each property’s performance potential.

CONTI Fast Facts

12 Years in Business
250+ Talented People
125 Years of Experience

in Multifamily Investing

“The organization’s commitment to purposeful execution does not eclipse their notable attention to developing their staff and promoting a productive and compassionate culture of integrity and accountability.” – Investor


Caring about others is something that distinguishes us. We work to benefit the lives of everyone we touch and cultivate long-term relationships with our people, our residents, investors, vendors and lenders. This is the CONTI way.


We are focused on a single industry and a single market: multifamily real estate investments in Texas. We believe that diversification in too many industries can become a weakness, and we will be the first ones to turn down a project if it is not aligned to our core focus.


Our relentless emphasis on results coupled with a timeless belief that “there’s always room to improve” is part of what makes us unique. Strong performance is the result of doing the daily tasks with excellence.

CONTI, NMHC Board Member
EY Entrepreneur of the Year
Neusa Conti

CONTI: Rooted in family values

The CONTI Legacy

The name CONTI stands for much more than a company. It stands for someone that gave and continues to give her best in service to others. It is someone who is tireless and knows what it means to have faith and persevere when times get tough.

It means courage, determination and understanding the value of hard work. It means that whenever there is a problem, we always choose to be part of the solution. Most importantly, the name CONTI honors Carlos Vaz’s mother. A woman of little means and a big spirit. She represents the values we embrace today, which have become the foundation of our success.